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Jins Arts – Our Story

Jins Arts  was formed in the year 2000 as  an Advertising Agency.It was set up with an endeavor to become one of the sought after advertising agencies and an acclaimed name in the Indian advertising sector through our targeted services.We believe in collaboration, creativity and a passion for reaching people across advertising formats.We are mainly concentrated on  Bus Seat Ads,Bus Body Ads,Bus shelter Ads etc.


Jins Arts in Vyttila utilizes one or more advertising and promotion platforms to carry out campaigns that focus on garnering the maximum response, desired impact and result. At first, it makes a pitch and a presentation to the client after understanding the brief, purpose and requirements. The ad campaigns are designed and tweaked keeping in mind the factors such as budget, aim, scale, magnitude and frequency of the campaign. Towards the end of the promotion, it offers a report of the campaign’s performance. This agency is functional from 09:00 – 19:30. It accepts payment by Cash towards its services.

You can locate this ad agency’s premises with ease on Convent Road, Opp CKCLPS, Ponnurunni Junction. This listing is also listed in Advertising Agencies For Bus, Advertising Agencies For Transit Media, Outdoor Advertising Agencies.


We specialize in all forms of out of home media and provide a wide variety of other services.

Our Specialities

Small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

Wide Network

Establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with potential clients.

Immediate Delivery

We create more attractive  Ads for your business with short span of time


More than 18 years of experiences.

Jins Arts is a fast growing Outdoor Advertising Agency that primarily deals in Transit Media including advertisement on Bus.

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Why Bus Seat Branding?

The Modern life people are busy,in this life they can’t get time to think
and relax.However they have lots of time when they travelling.Here JINS ARTS Bus seat branding perform when the public use buses for their travel
Conveying face to face

Repetition of view / Live view

Public can see in 30cm.Distance from their face to bus seat ad.public get stronh identity about the brand,address,mail,phone,number,website,social media links etc.,Via the buses seat Branding advertisements reach directly to public’s mind by daily continuous view.so you be become a taking subject.

Every day morning to night your ad work live and it reaches to many people.


Cost effective

Very cost effective medium to make your brand visible to your prospects.,Different ads of single brand,Multi color printing & different printing qualities,Scratch less,tear less,water proof and long lasing materials,Warranty,Long time validity 100% responsible & commitment,Bus owners have interest to do ads on their buses because we have mutual understands among them 17 years of experience in the field. so we have a strong support and permission from their side.

Stable & No separations

The bus transportation has no limits it connect one by one.it plays an unavoidable role in daily life for all kind of people and our media too. There is not a single person who ever use bus travelling in his life at least once.

Seat Cover Ads 90%

Bus Body Ads 85%

Bus Shelter Ads 79%

Others 90%

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Some Facts

Small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising

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Why Bus Advertising?

Jins Arts Bus Advertising campaign can position your brand, business or product in front of your ideal target audience.

"Since we began working with Jins Arts Advertising, They have continued to provide our company with an outstanding quality of design work and always exceeds our expectations."


" Jins Arts exceeded all expectations when coming to the planning and execution of our marketing project and was always on hand to react to our needs and desires at all cost."




Branch: 2nd Floor, K P Building, Convent Road, Opp CKCLPS,  Ponnurunni Junction ,Vyttila, Ernakulam – 682019

Head Office: 2nd Floor ,H A Tower, Near KSRTC, NH Perumba ,Payyanur




+91 9249471402 ,+91 9744471402,
0484 2307402, 04985 208402

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